Turnkey eSports betting

Bookmakers, as a fairly old type of business, are constantly evolving and keeping up with the time. If earlier, bookmakers accepted bets only on a popular kinds of sports, whether it is boxing, football or hockey, now the bookmakers have significantly expanded the opportunities for betting, constantly expanding the range of sport events for which a player can bet money. Along with the growing popularity of computer games, and the emergence of the online betting industry, a natural event was the emergence of the e-sports in the “assortment” of betting shops.

What is eSports platform?

Esports, a new direction in sports, where computer games are the field of development. Tournaments and competitions with multimillion-dollar prizes, huge advertising budgets are organized in different countries. Esports includes a lot of games, ranging from classic CS to Dota and League of Legends. The e-sports industry is developing vertically, and everything is gaining popularity and as a result, investment in the industry is growing day by day. Attracting more and more people interested in e-sports, it is becoming a new big trend in the betting and sports betting industry.

ESports Tournaments

Despite the abundance of computer games, only a few of them have received a special attention from the public and the organization of national and international championships. Firstly, it is obviously – Dota. The biggest event in eSports is, of course, the International – an annual Dota World Championship. The size of prize funds in the framework of this championship reaches tens of millions of dollars. This is entirely due to the wild popularity of the game among amateurs and professionals.

Secondly, the Counter-Strike. It’s a cult game that has become one of the benchmarks of online shooters. During the year, 4 of the largest world championships in Counter Strike are held, the prize fund of each of them reaches a quarter of a million dollars.

Betting and eSports systems

The interest in computer games naturally provoked the escalation of bets on e-sports and online bookmakers, which began to offer this opportunity. The increased demand for e-sports betting has led to the emergence of whole new e-sports betting management systems.

Why is a bookmaker with eSports bets beneficial?
What is the special feature of eSports bets, and why is it profitable to open bookmakers with eSports bets?

Firstly, it’s audience loyalty. If in football there is a certain seasonality associated with the championships, then e-sports is a completely different story. As a rule, avid players in computer games make bets on e-sports, and they are interested to watch how professionals play. Most football fans who are keen on betting don’t even go out once a month to kick the ball. With eSports, the situation is radically different, here players bet on players.

Secondly, at the moment, the e-sports betting industry is very young, and the e-sports betting market is only in the process of development. Thus, starting today, a player will have a chance to get a good income, faster and easier than with other types of business.

Turnkey solution for esport betting

Prospects for the development of bookmakers in e-sports
Despite the fact that globally, betting and e-sports betting is no different from any other sports betting: the same odds, players bet on the victory of one team or another and hope to earn solid cash on their bet, this niche is very attractive for online bookmakers. The fact that the industry is young enough, and famous tournaments can be counted on the fingers on one hand, creates a certain deficit of events.

Another problem with eSports betting is that many bookmakers are not experts in the field of eSports, which prevents them from correctly calculating odds, which creates situations in which players benefit greatly, being more comfortable they better calculate the probability of winning by a particular team. Many online bookmakers are forced to overstate margins on rates to compensate for risks.

Nevertheless, experts talk about the further growth of the industry as a whole, the emergence of analytical departments focused on e-sports, which will maximize bookmaker profit, due to correctly calculated coefficients.

Online Bookmakers with eSports betting from BK-SOFT

BK-SOFT is ready to offer customers turnkey solutions for sportsbooks with eSports bets. So if a company already has working bookmakers or gaming club, it can expand the field of its activity in this direction. Even if the company is new to the bookmaker business, opening an online betting with eSports bets can be a very good choice. If a company has an interest in the bookmaker business model with eSports bets, then Club Systems can offer a full range of services for organizing an online betting with eSports bets, from software and connecting to existing systems to creating an online betting with eSports.

We are ready to offer the creation of a site that will bring a daily income with a minimal investment in the beginning.

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