SUPEROMATIC - a great platform for gambling halls!

Superomatic platform is a platform for creating an internet/cyber cafe based on a regular personal computer, tablet or laptop. A convenient and easy way to set up, as well as a wide range of games from well- known manufacturers such as Igrosoft, Novomatic, Megajack, Microgaming, makes Superomatic one of the most popular choices for creating a virtual casino. We offer to create an own gambling hall on the Superomatic platform right now!

Superomatic gambling platform and superomatic games

Customizable RTP in SUPEROMATIC – control over the gameplay!
Superomatic gaming platform provides a unique opportunity to independently adjust the percentage of return of the gambling hall. Thanks to the expanded functionality, a company can calculate the most competent strategy for its clients: attract players with frequent wins, or vice versa, increase the income of the hall by reducing the probability of winning from players. Such opportunities make the cyber cafe as effective as possible in terms of net profit.

Advantages of SUPEROMATIC:

SUPEROMATIC System Requirements

The Superomatic platform can be installed on most devices based on a modern PC with installed on Windows or Linux operating systems, in addition, a browser version of the software is available. The main requirement is a stable connection to the Internet.

Recommended system requirements:

A wide range of games of SUPEROMATIC platform

Superomatic gambling platform includes more than 250 games from various developers, combined together to maximize the satisfaction of the needs of a gambling hall client. The quality of games is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the platform – excellent graphics and software optimization allows to offer the player the most interesting product for maximum gaming pleasure.

Setup and maintenance of SUPEROMATIC

Organizing an internet and cyber cafe on the basis of the platform Superomatic does not require a huge staff. Administering a virtual club has never been easier! Now there is no need to hire technicians with specific knowledge to repair or configure slot machines. The only one person needed in the role – as the administrator of the room, with the basic skills of managing a conventional computer. Now a company can open the gambling hall in absolutely any room where there is access to the Internet. Our staff will help to carry out the initial setup of the program.

It is very easy to buy the latest version of the Superomatic system simply by contacting the Club-Systems manager.

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