KENO Lottery by Best2bet

Best2bet has established itself in the gaming software market. For many years, it has been developing and implementing software for bookmakers under the guidance of highly qualified specialists: programmers, analysts, mathematicians, and engineers.

Choosing KENO from Best2bet you can be sure of the quality and stability of the platform.

KENO Best2bet – the best choice for the gambling hall!

The KENO platform by Best2bet is one of the most advanced. This software offers the customer a huge range of opportunities in the lottery. You can change the time of the draw, betting time, the colors of the playing field and much more. Thanks to a set of diverse colorful visualizations, the KENO platform is suitable for any interior of a bookmaker.

How KENO Best2bet Works

The advantage of the KENO platform is that it works on any device: computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Mathematical models created by the company’s specialists allow the owner to receive high income from his gambling hall. You fully control the game and can set:

Betting time;
draw time;
the presence or absence of a jackpot.

Such control makes it possible to vary the types of games and choose the most profitable, taking into account the characteristics of your club.

Profitable business with KENO Best2bet

Best2bet company is aimed at the profitability and payback of your business and during creation KENO took into account all the factors that influence this. The platform has a number of advantages that make it easier, more convenient and more profitable:

Software design for bookmakers is easily customizable to any interior of a gaming club. The game of platform colors makes it possible to make the hall cozier and more comfortable, which will win the favour of the players and encourage the desire to return to your club.

The control
KENO Best2bet is a fully controlled business. The software has the functions of setting the course of the game. For example, accelerating the time of the draw at points with high traffic will give a big profit, due to an increase in the frequency of the lottery. You can also turn on the jackpot, thereby increasing the excitement of players. The jackpot is set by the client, who can set the threshold, the probability of triggering and the percentage of deduction from the amount of each bet.

Best2bet has created reliable software that runs on any device. This increases the number of players who can use the software and make it more accessible. Even with a weak Internet connection, the platform guarantees stable operation, which protects your business from unforeseen failures.

KENO Best2bet system requirements

Besides the premise and workers, to start a business you definitely need computers or any other devices.

KENO Best2bet is designed in such a way that its stable operation does not require powerful equipment and a computer with the following parameters will be enough:

Dual-core processor at 2 GHz or more;
RAM not less than 2 GB;
ATI Radeon HD 3300 graphics card with 2 GB or more;
Internet connection speed 2 Mbp/s.

Therefore, you do not need huge costs for equipment for the hall, because computers with such characteristics are quite cheap.

KENO Best2bet with BK-SOFT is easyThe platform has a very simple interface, which allows even an inexperienced PC user to independently configure KENO.

But, nevertheless, our experts will configure the platform according to all your requirements and wishes. Club-Systems will not only help in installing and configuring the platform but also help you maintain its efficiency. At any time of the day, your question will be resolved by round-the-clock technical support.

When choosing KENO Best2bet, be sure that your business will flourish and bring good profits.

Get the most out of your business opportunities with the KENO Best2bet platform with Club-Systems!

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