InBet – a new kind of gaming platform for betting shops!

InBet gaming platform stands out among its analogues by positioning, because platform manufacturers declare that this software is a kind of betting platform. Opening the gambling hall by using the InBet system, a company gets the whole complex of the necessary software for a simple, quick and effective implementation of the bookmaker.

How Inbet platform Works

Inbet gaming platform is one of the most fully functional platforms. InBet can be installed on almost any type of devices: tablets, laptops, computers, all-in-ones, game consoles, and game terminals as well. A player entering the betting shop can replenish his account using a payment terminal, which can be served as a gaming device. Further, the client makes bets in a variety of games: wheel of fortune, poker, blackjack, lotto and slots. The principle of the gambling platform is similar to other resembling solutions on the market, however, the original design of the games, convenience and recognition make Inbet one of the most attractive platforms among others available on the market.

Advantages of the InBet platform

So what really makes Inbet popular with players and entrepreneurs? Well, there are many determining factors that distinguish Inbet from other competitors:

Unique graphics and game math
Intuitive interface
Full-Screen Application
Compatible with all available operating systems
Ideal for creating a gaming club
Adjustable Return Percentage
The ability to open an additional terminal to replenish the account.
The versatility of the platform is amazing, it includes more than 60 types of different games: slots, various types of poker, roulette, a wide selection of lotteries, blackjack and many others. The platform can be installed on any operating system and is also integrated as an online casino.

Inbet System Requirements

Inbet platform is not demanding on device resources and can be installed on almost any devices that has a screen and processor. However, the gambling hall version has the following minimum system requirements:

CPU clock speed – 1.5 GHz
RAM – 2 GB
256 MB video accelerator, 16 bit color support
Windows 7 or Linux operating system
Internet connection speed 512 kbps or faster
Inbet setup and maintenance
InBet gaming platform is easy to configure for the needs of a betting shop. Installation and configuration of the platform will not take more than a few hours, and in the future, the platform does not require constant technical support. Nevertheless, our team is always ready to answer all questions about setting up this game system. InBet has built-in functionality for accepting payments through payment terminals, thereby significantly reducing additional staff costs.

Why should you choose InBet?

Many businessmen ask the question: why should we choose this or that gaming platform? In fact, it all depends on the resources and expectations of those who want to run or already have their own gambling business. The InBet platform has a number of unique features that help to get the maximum profit from the money and effort spent: this is the convenience of setting up and maintaining the platform, a fully customizable percentage of returns, compatibility with the most of available devices, and the ability to integrate with a full online casinos. InBet is not just a gaming platform, it is a complete system that allows to expand and guide the business, bringing a steady profit. Using the InBet platform, a company will increase an income at times. If a company is looking for a reliable and stable platform for a gambling hall, it will definitely not be mistaken by choosing the InBet.

Order the InBet betting system from the Club-Systems team of professionals and get a guaranteed product and technical support 24/7.

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