GAMINATOR – advanced gaming technology from Novomatic

Novomatic is a large Austrian company specialized in the production of equipment and software for gambling. From 1980 to the present, Novomatic has been a reliable partner of gambling establishments. Gaminator – one of the latest developments of the Novomatic company – offers an incredible assortment of games, beautiful graphics and reliable system performance.

GAMINATOR – a gaming platform for professionals!

Gambling platform Gaminator is developed by the best manufacturers in the field of gaming systems. The platform operates in more than 1600 online casinos from more than 80 countries. What makes the Gaminator gaming platform so popular? The trump card is the quality of the platform, which meets all the trends and needs of the gaming software market.

Gaminator online

Gaminator Casino gaming platform is developed on the basis of flash web technologies. At its core, it is similar to the usual browser flash games that users have already known. The third generation of the gaming system significantly expands the range of use. After all, now, regardless of a user’s preferences, it can be installed on a regular computer or laptop, as well as on any mobile devices. The main feature of the platform is its potential as part of a full-fledged casino!

Gaminator online casino

Your customers win, but you earn!

Gaminator is not just a gaming platform, it is a work of art in the field of technologies for leisure and a real treasure of gambling industry! Unique gaming mathematics, borrowed from the Novomatic gaming machine experience, makes the game interesting and completely unpredictable. The adjustable percentage of return of the system, which can vary from 86 to 99 percent, will allow a company to make good money but also to strengthen the loyalty of customers.

GAMINATOR platform system requirements

The Gaminator platform does not require the purchase of expensive equipment or powerful computers. The platform easily works on a wide range of devices: computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones – almost any device is suitable for working with the system.

Recommended system requirements:

Dual Core 2.0 GHz or faster
512MB or more graphics card
Hard disk 1 GB free space
RAM from 1 GB for Windows XP or Linux with Gnome interface
RAM from 2 GB for Windows 7 or Linux with Unity interface
512 kbp/s or faster Internet connection speed per terminal

GAMINATOR Maintenance

The Gaminator system is very easy to install on absolutely any device. This is one of those platforms that do not require special skills for installation and any specific configuration. Convenient admin panel with an intuitive interface gives access to the full range of functions of game platform settings.

We are always ready to answer any questions regarding the Gaminator gambling platform online 24/7.

By purchasing the latest version of the Gaminator gaming system from Club-Systems, a company will gain the trust of its customers!

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