Champion Club - a simple and convenient way to organize a gambling hall!

The Champion Casino gaming platform is one of the leading systems for creating a virtual gaming club. Using this platform is very easy and quick. It requires a small amount of expenses but will help in opening a game hall. The Сhampion system, like many other similar products, is a program that can be installed on a regular computer, laptop or tablet connected to game servers via the Internet.

Game platform Champion

Administering a gaming hall based on Champion Casino is very simple. The simplicity of this platform is determined by the technical feature of the software, in which the game process and all basic user operations occur and are processed on third-party servers. All that is needed for the platform to work is an Internet connection.

Champion Club percentage setup

Champion Club allows the administrator of the hall to adjust the percentage of returns to the hall by using a specific strategy for the development of the gaming hall. This feature of the platform provides an opportunity to attract new customers to the internet/cyber cafe, attracting them with high chances of winning or significantly increase the income of the gambling club. A wise customization system is an excellent option for gambling professionals who want to increase a club income not only due to frequent loss of customers, but also thanks to a well organized client network. In addition, the platform allows to set the percentage of return on a part of the lost funds (cashback) to players up to 10%, as well as its own set of denominations from 0.01 to 2.

Champion Casino System Requirements

Champion Casino is the platform for the gaming hall with the most “democratic” system requirements. The system does not require serious monetary investments in the computers on which it is installed. The only important factor is a stable internet connection.

It has a minimal system requirements:

CPU frequency – 2 GHz
RAM – 256 MB
Operating System Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10
Screen resolution not less than 800×600 pixels
Internet connection speed 512 kbp/s or faster

A wide range of games of Champion platform

The Champion Casino game set includes over 60 high-quality games. The assortment of games is periodically replenished with updates that also improve the performance of the existing assortment. A large number of games does not allow the client to get bored and is able to detain a user for a long time in the gaming club. The convenient and simple interface of familiar games – from slots to card games – all of them are extremely simple to the user’s understanding and nothing will prevent him from enjoying the game.

Setting up and maintaining of Champion Casino

The Champion platform is as simple as possible to operate and does not require special skills outside of PC ownership. The platform is installed on computers in a matter of minutes, and if a user may have questions about the finer tuning of the software, connecting or adjusting the percentage of return, then our team of specialists will be always happy to come to the user’s aid!

All further information about specific details or the intent of a purchase can be discussed and clarified with the Club-Systems team.

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