Bring a friend and become a partner

Club-Systems takes care of its customers and launches the “Refer a Friend” promotion. By recommending the services of our company to any friends or acquaintances, a company becomes a partner and may easily earn with them. Once connecting one of the gaming systems presented on the website or in case of a first purchase, a company gets a cash reward!

How does “Bring a Friend” promotion work?

If a company wants to take part in the “Bring a Friend” campaign, we can offer mutually beneficial cooperation. It’s a real chance to start earning extra income now! How does it work? For each new friend who has not previously used the services of our site, the company will receive a reward and the percentage from a deal. After a friend or acquaintance connects the game system or buys credits, we will immediately transfer money to the company’s convenient payment system.

Become our partner

Club-Systems offers to become a partner and increase income several times. It is an opportunity to become a partner by connecting at least two gaming halls or a casino. Working with us under an affiliate scheme, a company gets favorable working conditions both for the gaming club and for interactive clubs of customers. The main principle of such cooperation is simple: the more customers earn, the more the company income is. Becoming a Club-Systems partner, the company will receive a steady income not only from the gaming club but also from the cash flow of the gaming rooms of your “wards”.

Partnership with our team

Earn with Club-Systems
Using one of the offers from Club-Systems, the Company is guaranteed to increase a monthly income at times. In addition, becoming our partner, the company can buy credits or connect new gaming platforms at a special partner’s price. The main advantage of such a partnership is that without investment the partner will earn on the sale of loans to the gaming clubs of your customers.

Offering Club-Systems company services to friends, will automatically make our partner start earning money from the first connections of gaming systems and sales of loans!